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Overview of Services

California Minimum Wage increased.

New Labor Laws in Effect
January 1st, 2017
Be prepared! We can help.
See changes that went into effect in 2016

Policies and Procedures
-Review, recommend and update administrative H.R. policies
-Review, update or create Employee Handbook

Performance Evaluations
-Review existing process and counsel management on how to maximize the effectiveness of performance evaluations and motivate top performance from staff
-Review, update or create a performance evaluation system
-Review, update and create all documentation, forms and feedback mechanisms
-Coach management both pre- and post-evaluation to improve management�s ability to administer performance evaluations
-Assist in creating Performance Improvement Plans and Job Descriptions

-Audit, review and develop processes
-Compliance review
-Tactical plan to mitigate potential IRS or Department of Labor violations

Workers� Compensation
-Review appropriate employee classification minimizing both expense and exposure
-Review open workers� comp claims
-On-call consult for workers� comp claims when they happen to ensure an employee situation is appropriately managed

Health Insurance
-Plan review and recommendation
-Benefit Orientations and Open Enrollment Meetings
-Audit insurance billing statements for accuracy

Management Training
-Sexual harassment training
-Effective Communication
-Interviewing skills

Employee Relations
-Coaching management to effectively mitigate staff conflicts
-On-call �referee� to intervene when people issues are out of control

-Consult in advance of termination to minimize potential legal ramification
-Ensure sufficient counseling and documentation is in place in advance of a termination
-Assist in conducting Terminations and Exit Interviews

Layoff and Restructure Management
-Mitigate legal ramifications from layoffs
-Properly organize restructures to minimize legal issues

HR Personnel Training
-HR 101 � the basics that every HR associate needs to know to be effective in his/her job
-Continuing education for specific H.R. issues
-Resource solutions for HR personnel
-Suggest valuable where-to-go sources for information

-Hourly fee recruiting saves money over contingency recruiters
-Create job postings -Provide initial screening of candidates to save hiring manager�s time
-Administrative, management and executive level
-From manufacturing to high tech

Hiring & Staffing
-Review, recommend and create effective screening questions that drill-down to reveal a candidate�s true experience
-Review, update or create customized employment applications
-Review, update or create customized applicant testing and scoring process to ensure candidates have appropriate experience
-Conduct New Hire Orientations

Strategic Expansion
-Review staffing requirements pre-expansion
-Create staffing budget
-Create hiring �road map� to appropriately time staff expansion
-Ensure that appropriate training programs are in place to maximize effectiveness of strategic expansion

Acquisition Assimilation
-Review and make recommendations on target�s staff effectiveness
-Analyze target�s culture to mitigate culture clash during and after roll-up
-Analyze target�s management and identify staff �keepers�

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